The King Lives/Merry Holidays & Happy Christmas!

Made by Golden Tarot

“The King Lives!”


Golden Tarot here

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

And Merry Holidays

From Sound8VIsion.

We love all of you

And wish for nothing but positivity and fulfilling experience

To come your way this year!


The above work is a collage

That I made for my father as a Christmas present

It turned out well (even though the scan cut some off)

So I decided to share it with all of our visitors

As a present to all of you as well!

I want to thank you all for visiting and supporting the site

Over the past year!

Stay tuned because the year of 2015

Is going to be the most exciting and creation-filled

Year for the site so far!

We have loads in store for your viewing/listening pleasure!


Peace and love to you all!

Golden Tarot

Welcome, It’s Not What It Seems

Collage with magazine clippings and acrylic

Dare I say my favorite piece yet.

Enjoy friends. 🙂


Golden Tarot

You’re Nobody Until Somebody Kills You

Shitty Acrylics and Magazine Paper


A piece called “You’re Nobody Until Somebody Kills You”

that I made

from some cut -outs from a theater textbook

a magazine page

and acrylic paint.

Enjoy friends 🙂

Golden Tarot

Comic Relief

Created with magazine clippings


Up to now

We have not done much “funny”

So here is some comic relief art

For yo eye holes


Golden Tarot


Collage from magazine clippings &  some gouache paint


Three strange gypsys

traveling the land

keyboards and grass

station wagon

and sweet land

spreading the message

and lending their hands

Golden Tarot


I know gypsies is spelled wrong, but I prefer the symmetry of spelling it that way 😉


This is a collage

That I have been piecing together for

A few months now

To show our appreciation

For the wild and wonderful animal known as


In all of her fierce glory

In all of her sedating beauty

In all of her frantic love

This is dedicated to all women

No matter the skin that you are in

To show the beautiful complexity

Of all of the different aspects

And collective feelings

That stretch across the consciousness

Of so many women on this planet

And show that the outside is the LEAST important aspect

Of your shining being

Without you

Mankind would stop

Dead in it tracks

Without you

No one would ever consider living for another

Driven by affection

Without you

No one would ever know the feeling of


And without security

There can not be peace

With that said

From the bottom of our beings

To the top of our third eye

From the binary

To the blood

We at Sound+Vision want to say

Thank you women of the world

Thank you so very much for being YOU!

Pasted by Golden Tarot

P.S. Marylin is actually holding a rope

But the scanner cut it off

 So yeah…use your imagination…there’s a rope there 😛


Golden Tarot

What I Learned At Astral High

Mixed Media Collage & Gouache

The album cover for a single that we’re working on called “What I Learned at Astral High”. A little of it was cut off due to our scanner being too small (story of my life hahahaha). Should be released soon, hope that you guys enjoy!


Golden Tarot


Marbled with Acrylic Paint



Golden Tarot

Turning On

Painted with acrylics

Painted with acrylics

Seems a revolution is afoot….

Golden Tarot

John Loves Lucy

Pasted by hand, painted with acrylics


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we’d like to send a hand painted marbled picture for free to anyone

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Thanks so much guys and gals

Golden Tarot