I Miss Occlusion

Taken with a Holga 120N

Is this growing older?

Watching golden bonds corrode

Finding that the silver lining that shows

Is only colored with spray paint

That was stole

Is this growing wiser?

Knowledge of human deceit

The loss of trust towards anyone

Except your grandparents

Watching hate breed within the mouths

Of all who speak so strongly of love

Gaining the power to understand

What evil thoughts are breeding

Within the minds of the “saints”

Just by looking into their eyes

Why can’t we go back

To the times of amnesia

When animation screen

And pixel reality

Solved all

Golden Tarot

The House | Divided

Family Dinner

So strange and dense is

The house | divided

Seeing pain and stagnation

In what once was exciting

The loss of respect

Was swift and unbridled

As it, like a parasite

Took over the weak-minded

Confusion and lies have dictated

The actions decided

Like a monarch of the blood

Who was thought to be enlightened

Too blind to see the effects

Would not quickly be subsiding

As his fear gave way

To an outcome uninvited

He pushed on with the agenda

Of the house | divided


But all houses

Without foundation

Seem to fall

Just as all souls

Without guidance

Eternally to crawl

Golden Tarot

As We Grow

Boy Scouts


Are the ignorant


Are the blind


Are the intelligent


Are the kind

We choose not

Our position

We choose not

How we are defined

You become

Through experience

Don’t become preoccupied

With choosing sides

Golden Tarot

Step-Ahead Girl

Vintage photo

Love seems impossible

When so few share your goals

Content with crystalization

And the stuffing of holes

Together we could change it

If eachother we ever find

Our magnets may be rusted

But we still share our mind

I give love to you

You spread it to all

You give love to me

With it plants I sew

Once we’ve learned of each others hearts

We let them spread, stretch, and unfurl

What beautiful creations

We could offer the world

If only I could find

My step-ahead girl

Golden Tarot

A Strange Scene

Taken with a Holga 120N



Sooooo ya see that face that looks like satan, or Nosferatu, or some crazy shit…

That wasn’t there when I took this picture.

Any interpretations?

Golden Tarot

Friends, Dogs, Shrooms, and Lights

Taken with a Holga 120N


Taken with a Holga 120NTaken with a Holga 120NTaken with a Holga 120N

Some black and white photos I took with my Holga. Throughout the entire role I wasn’t paying attention and never fixed the focus…..but i’m ok with that. enjoy.

Golden Tarot