DIrectional Melt Factor

Made by Golden TarotDirectional Melt Factor

Made With GIMP + Audacity

Golden Tarot


Tummy Feels

Made by Golden TarotTummy Feels” is a piece

Inspired by the familiar universal feeling

That we experience during times of heightened feelings of







And numerous other internal situations which ooze

Dionysian ecstasy



Golden Tarot


Lysergic Dick

Made with GIMP + Audacity

Lysergic Dick

GIMP + Audacity

Mad respect for this man

One of my biggest influences

Peace & Love to all you wonderful people!

Golden Tarot

John Loves Lucy

Pasted by hand, painted with acrylics


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Thanks so much guys and gals

Golden Tarot

Hookahville Soul

Watercolor by Golden Tarot



A painting that I done at a very transitional point in my life. I was learning so much at such a constant pace. it hasn’t stopped, and for that I am so thankful. It’s so strange to kind of zoom into a moment and realise “I AM EXISTING”, to live inside of that moment, but it is even stranger, and more exciting, to keep the beautiful  high of that moment going, to feed off of its energy, to let it drive you to become more than what you let yourself be, what everyone expects of you.

Sometimes no one expects anything, therefore you expect nothing, and it takes an existentially validating moment like that to get us off of our asses and into gear, but there’s so much held back potential that we REALLY get into gear. 4th all the way to the bank, so to speak. This is a painting of that moment in my life. It’s still going strong, and it’ll soon pay off. As John Lennon once sang with tremendous fervor, it wont be long.

Golden Tarot

Black Light Art

Taken by Golden Tarot with a Holga 120N




Taken by Golden Tarot



I love taking lomography pictures under black lights. The trails are amazing. A great representation of visuals under ze in-flu-ence. Especially with the layering. I urge you all to try taking some pictures under black lights and share them with us at Sound+Vision!

Golden Tarot

Trippy Kid

Magazine pieces

Kids and their drugs 😛


High School

Nuff’ Said 😛

Golden Tarot