Phase Unification

Taken by Golden Tarot

“Phase Unification”


First post of the new year!

Peace and love to all beings! Let’s make this year count!

Dig it!

Golden Tarot

The King Lives/Merry Holidays & Happy Christmas!

Made by Golden Tarot

“The King Lives!”


Golden Tarot here

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

And Merry Holidays

From Sound8VIsion.

We love all of you

And wish for nothing but positivity and fulfilling experience

To come your way this year!


The above work is a collage

That I made for my father as a Christmas present

It turned out well (even though the scan cut some off)

So I decided to share it with all of our visitors

As a present to all of you as well!

I want to thank you all for visiting and supporting the site

Over the past year!

Stay tuned because the year of 2015

Is going to be the most exciting and creation-filled

Year for the site so far!

We have loads in store for your viewing/listening pleasure!


Peace and love to you all!

Golden Tarot

Tummy Feels

Made by Golden TarotTummy Feels” is a piece

Inspired by the familiar universal feeling

That we experience during times of heightened feelings of







And numerous other internal situations which ooze

Dionysian ecstasy



Golden Tarot


Dimensional Peek 333

Made With India Ink & A Page From Wuthering HeightsA reworking of

A page from “Wuthering Heights”

spontaneously made one day

I hope you enjoy 🙂


Golden Tarot

Lysergic Dick

Made with GIMP + Audacity

Lysergic Dick

GIMP + Audacity

Mad respect for this man

One of my biggest influences

Peace & Love to all you wonderful people!

Golden Tarot

Peeking Through

Peeking Through

GIMP + Audacity


Made With GIMP + Audacity

Golden Tarot


Sphinx In Transit

I have been getting into “Glitch Art” or “Databending” recently.

A form of expression that I have long admired, and finally got around to learning.

There will be a lot more of these to come and I hope that you all enjoy!

Sphinx In Transit

Made With GIMP + Audacity

Aaaaaand for our WordPress viewers

A bonus picture!

(Very) Early Warhol

Made with GIMP + Audacity

Golden Tarot


Made with Gimp & Audacity

Golden Tarot

Urban decay has it’s own beauty.

Taken With a Holga 120N

The paths that we step down during life decide what we experience during death.

Golden Tarot