This is a collage

That I have been piecing together for

A few months now

To show our appreciation

For the wild and wonderful animal known as


In all of her fierce glory

In all of her sedating beauty

In all of her frantic love

This is dedicated to all women

No matter the skin that you are in

To show the beautiful complexity

Of all of the different aspects

And collective feelings

That stretch across the consciousness

Of so many women on this planet

And show that the outside is the LEAST important aspect

Of your shining being

Without you

Mankind would stop

Dead in it tracks

Without you

No one would ever consider living for another

Driven by affection

Without you

No one would ever know the feeling of


And without security

There can not be peace

With that said

From the bottom of our beings

To the top of our third eye

From the binary

To the blood

We at Sound+Vision want to say

Thank you women of the world

Thank you so very much for being YOU!

Pasted by Golden Tarot

P.S. Marylin is actually holding a rope

But the scanner cut it off

 So yeah…use your imagination…there’s a rope there 😛


Golden Tarot