Father’s Day Reminder

On this special day

we hope that all enjoy

a great day with the man who taught you

how to be a man,

and please remember that…

Gouache and Acrylic


Golden Tarot

A Psychedelic Serving

Here you go folks

a psychedelic platter

of art from Golden Tarot

for your eyes to devour

and fill itself on pretty colors

and mind melting patterns.


Marbled With Acrylic Paint

Marbled With Acrylic Paint

Marbled With Acrylic Paint

More to come tomorrow!

We would also like to mention that today is Sound+Vision member Future Anonymous’ 18TH BIRTHDAY!



Peace to all

Love to all

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Golden Tarot


Not a lot of time to mess around on the net today

So here’s a few more marblings

For your eyes to feast upon

(Try em out with R/B 3D glasses)


Marbled With Acrylic paint

Marbled With Acrylic paint

My Personal Favorite.

Marbled With Acrylic Paint

Some New Marblings

Apologies for the short amount of posts this month

But January is my month to think

To study

To take in all of the information that will be processed by my subconscious

Throughout the year.

Hopefully it will produce some enjoyable art

for all of you awesome, beautiful souls

Who visit our site

Giving us the confidence needed

To wake up each day with a purpose

In this world of watered down dreams.

Here’s some new marblings for you guys.

Enjoy (With R/B 3-D glasses if possible)

Marbled With Acrylic Paint

Marbled by Golden Tarot

Marbled With Acrylic Paint

Peace to you all friends

Golden Tarot

Mars Mentality

Marbled with acrylic paint

Marbled with acrylic paint

Some new marbling’s inspired by Mars and mental waves. Enjoy 😉

Golden Tarot

Some New Form

Marbled with Acrylic Paint

United Fetus

Marbled with Acrylic paint

One Mind

Two of the best marblings that I’ve done so far. Now that I’ve learned how to better manipulate the paint the art form is transforming from random chance beauty to spiritually calculated creation. Stay tuned for more. PEACE.

Golden Tarot

Way of The Ancients

Marbled by Golden Tarot

painted by Golden Tarot

FINALLY we have gotten to start legitimate marbling with acrylics and size. These are turning out beautifully and much better than the shaving cream methods results. We will soon be making hand-made marbled bookmarks, framed pictures, guitar picks, clothes, and much more for sale and to give away in contests so be sure to keep checking back for updates on that.

Thanks to everyone! We at Sound+Vision love you ALL!

Golden Tarot