Point 1

Taken by Golden TarotI touch the light

I touch the light

I touch

I See


It came as a ring,

A halo,

Three lights,

No sound,

Just swam,

No fly.

Time goes back.


Did time occur at all?

Did flash occlude?

Did I see through clear eyeball?

I touch the light

I touch the light

I touch

I feel


Golden Tarot



Taken by Golden Tarot

A Lysergic Exploration In 3 Parts:


In utero


Surely there is something here

So sure that there is something

So sure

Are you?

I feel the fine prick

Of cold ice infinity

It splits in half

Like the light of a shaded square

Or a few

Metatron’s cubes

She’d never known

That in that moment

Geometry decided her fate.

None of us

None can tell

None shall pass

None shall dwell

All is rest

In the light

Of space

Few dark moments

To count the days


And align





Blue shell promenade

A twilight figure

Dances for tomorrow

No tears on her breasts

Only dew

Dogs bark

Excitement arises

Thrill inside


Be bare



Crawl out still

Light is always there

Whether it be deceit

Or treat

All souls

All ways were

All days








On the foot

On the face

Of all things


Inside of bliss

Looking outside

Looking at this.

Golden Tarot

Silent Guidence

Taken With a Kodak EasyShare C613





It beckons

It whispers

Softly calls my name

J                           J


The symbol

Which claims

My game

When I speak back

I feel calm


Knowing that things

Will never be the same

Knowing that the only constant

That i’ll experience

Is change

Golden Tarot

The House | Divided

Family Dinner

So strange and dense is

The house | divided

Seeing pain and stagnation

In what once was exciting

The loss of respect

Was swift and unbridled

As it, like a parasite

Took over the weak-minded

Confusion and lies have dictated

The actions decided

Like a monarch of the blood

Who was thought to be enlightened

Too blind to see the effects

Would not quickly be subsiding

As his fear gave way

To an outcome uninvited

He pushed on with the agenda

Of the house | divided


But all houses

Without foundation

Seem to fall

Just as all souls

Without guidance

Eternally to crawl

Golden Tarot

Step-Ahead Girl

Vintage photo

Love seems impossible

When so few share your goals

Content with crystalization

And the stuffing of holes

Together we could change it

If eachother we ever find

Our magnets may be rusted

But we still share our mind

I give love to you

You spread it to all

You give love to me

With it plants I sew

Once we’ve learned of each others hearts

We let them spread, stretch, and unfurl

What beautiful creations

We could offer the world

If only I could find

My step-ahead girl

Golden Tarot

Our 100th post, a rant, and a message, OH MY!

Taken with a Kodak Eashyshar C63

WELP! Here it is, out 100th post 🙂 We’re glad to have made it to this small milestone! We at Sound+Vision hope that all who take us in enjoy our special little pile of cyber-clutter as we continue to attempt to help open minds and awaken sleeping giants within the souls of all of you beautiful human beings!

NOW…to the rant

There is a huge problem plaguing a few members of the Sound+Vision, myself included. That dire problem is the QUALITY of vinyl records being pressed today. The past 5 records (each!) that my brother and I have purchased that have been pressed post-2010 have been mislaid, some of them to the point that the entire album is unlistenable due to the fresh out of the shrink-wrap skipping. I very strongly dislike hearing Flying Lotus run through what sounds like a glitch step filter, Flying Lotus is plenty glitchy enough on his own. Is this happening to anyone else?


This IS a nationwide problem, any information about any types of vinyl-integrity organizations that we could contact to try our part in doing something about getting the love and care that was put into the records of our mothers and fathers put into this generations wax idols as well would be much appreciated, because quite frankly, we are SICK of it.

AAAAAAAAND……The message

First off…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMI HENDRIX! Your influence and help in the understanding of the things that we here at Sound+Vision know and love is immeasurable. You will never lack a place in our hearts and souls. Thank you


As we look forward into an obscured future that is juuuuuuust out of focus of the mass populous, change is becoming very apparent. We feel that it is important to at least MENTION the necessity of putting some of your daily energy towards spiritual growth, as the soul is the only weapon that is effective in this battle for human nature that is being silently, as well as forcefully and physically waged in this age of Sci-Fact. As the technocrats take more and more of the fears of artists past and manifest them into reality out of nothing more than greed and desire for the Paper God, our daily lives are surely being pushed into a state of reliance, stagnation, and dysphoria, whether we like it or not, although many people seem to be blindly enjoying the transparent veil that is restless consumerism.

Always remember…

Hear with your eyes

See with your ears

Feel with your soul

We love you all

Peace friends, and thanks again for the support!

Golden Tarot

These Hands

Photo Taken with Holga 120N

These hands

I had no desire to use

for anything

of any use

but now these hands

have skin brand new

they build

they create

they change the landscape

these hands

finally have use

Golden Tarot