Tube Love

Taken by Golden Tarot

Who needs television

When all is alive

Just outside



Barefoot on grass,

Feels good huh?

Flicker rate

Induces trance state

Causing irate mood

When disturbed.

How can we be so

“Connected” |——-|

To something

That we never touch?

Is it the box that you love?

That portal

To the consumable


Running on crystals and snow,

Color bars,


And HBO.

Golden Tarot


Taken by Golden TarotOh blue sky!

Divine mouth breath!

1 million acres

Of truth!

Seat of the eye

And all that it fancies enough

To grant release!

Please bless this land

This child that you bore

And graced with both

Pleasure and pain!

Come lay your child-like hands

Upon our disease!

Free us from our

Self-bred shame!

Golden Tarot

Pointing Towards The Light

Taken by Golden Tarot

Light Stasis

Here are 3 light paintings

For you beautiful people

Done with my Holga 120N

I hope you enjoy ūüôā

Taken by Golden Tarot

Taken by Golden Tarot

Taken by Golden Tarot

Golden Tarot

Minimal Trio

Here is a trio

Of minimal pictures

Taken with my trust Holga 120N

And outdated Easyshare C613

For your viewing pleasure

Enjoy =)

Taken with a Holga 120N

Taken with a Kodak Easyshare C613

Taken with a Holga 120N

Golden Tarot


Taken with a Holga 120N


Within a moment

Within a second

Within a zero-point

Within the plane

Of an incomprehensible angle

My eyes open


I find myself



Many things


Like the destructive trail

That I have left in my wake

Now only dead weight

This pile of shit

Grey plastic

Cardboard and cotton

That is burdening my soul

With the mass

Of a million wasted moments

All sitting in the ether


I become aware

Of the reality

Of time for others

And that their reality

Still affects mine

Golden Tarot

I Miss Occlusion

Taken with a Holga 120N

Is this growing older?

Watching golden bonds corrode

Finding that the silver lining that shows

Is only colored with spray paint

That was stole

Is this growing wiser?

Knowledge of human deceit

The loss of trust towards anyone

Except your grandparents

Watching hate breed within the mouths

Of all who speak so strongly of love

Gaining the power to understand

What evil thoughts are breeding

Within the minds of the “saints”

Just by looking into their eyes

Why can’t we go back

To the times of amnesia

When animation screen

And pixel reality

Solved all

Golden Tarot

The House | Divided

Family Dinner

So strange and dense is

The house | divided

Seeing pain and stagnation

In what once was exciting

The loss of respect

Was swift and unbridled

As it, like a parasite

Took over the weak-minded

Confusion and lies have dictated

The actions decided

Like a monarch of the blood

Who was thought to be enlightened

Too blind to see the effects

Would not quickly be subsiding

As his fear gave way

To an outcome uninvited

He pushed on with the agenda

Of the house | divided


But all houses

Without foundation

Seem to fall

Just as all souls

Without guidance

Eternally to crawl

Golden Tarot

Step-Ahead Girl

Vintage photo

Love seems impossible

When so few share your goals

Content with crystalization

And the stuffing of holes

Together we could change it

If eachother we ever find

Our magnets may be rusted

But we still share our mind

I give love to you

You spread it to all

You give love to me

With it plants I sew

Once we’ve learned¬†of each others hearts

We let them spread, stretch, and unfurl

What beautiful creations

We could offer the world

If only I could find

My step-ahead girl

Golden Tarot

To Whom It Concerns

Taken with a Holga 120N

Man who truly believes

That he steers this ship

This angular vessel

Impossible to flip

Your child-mass is young

Confidently na√Įve

Once he grows older

Will he still try to breathe independently

Or will he begin to regret

Fall into a haze

And pray to forget

Will his mistakes teach him lessons

Which his failing heart takes

And uses to produce

The bandages of his breaks

Realizing that he never once

Learned how to heal

As his focus was on pain

Adept is his skill

The adhesive thins

Yet the wound still spills

The blue blood of his safety

Draining the virus

To nil

Asking for help

From the brothers he killed

Golden Tarot