Phase Unification

Taken by Golden Tarot

“Phase Unification”


First post of the new year!

Peace and love to all beings! Let’s make this year count!

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Golden Tarot


Cube Ejection Experience

Made by Golden TarotCube Ejection Experience

Made With GIMP + Audacity

Golden Tarot

Close To Nature

Made by Golden TarotClose To Nature

GIMP + Audacity

Golden Tarot

Atlantean Vibration

Made by Golden TarotAtlantean Vibration

Made with GIMP + Audacity

Golden Tarot

Dimensional Peek 333

Made With India Ink & A Page From Wuthering HeightsA reworking of

A page from “Wuthering Heights”

spontaneously made one day

I hope you enjoy šŸ™‚


Golden Tarot

Golden Tarot – Charlatan EP

Painted by Golden Tarot


āˆžGolden Tarotāˆž

Ā°Charlatan EPĀ°

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