Tube Love

Taken by Golden Tarot

Who needs television

When all is alive

Just outside



Barefoot on grass,

Feels good huh?

Flicker rate

Induces trance state

Causing irate mood

When disturbed.

How can we be so

“Connected” |——-|

To something

That we never touch?

Is it the box that you love?

That portal

To the consumable


Running on crystals and snow,

Color bars,


And HBO.

Golden Tarot

Spy Vs. Spirit

Collage by Golden Tarot

A hand-made collage that I spent around 40 hours of intense focused time making. This is my representation of our society today and everything that it brings with it. Use 3-D glasses to view if possible! Please help spread this image as I feel that is an important image to see, as if you look closely there is a road of information and spiritual growth to be followed. It is made up of old magazine clippings, newspaper clippings, and undeveloped film.


Golden Tarot