Tube Love

Taken by Golden Tarot

Who needs television

When all is alive

Just outside



Barefoot on grass,

Feels good huh?

Flicker rate

Induces trance state

Causing irate mood

When disturbed.

How can we be so

“Connected” |——-|

To something

That we never touch?

Is it the box that you love?

That portal

To the consumable


Running on crystals and snow,

Color bars,


And HBO.

Golden Tarot


Dimensional Peek 333

Made With India Ink & A Page From Wuthering HeightsA reworking of

A page from “Wuthering Heights”

spontaneously made one day

I hope you enjoy 🙂


Golden Tarot

Desert Trio

drawn with colored pencil


We’re baaaaaaaaack! 😀

Golden Tarot