Tube Love

Taken by Golden Tarot

Who needs television

When all is alive

Just outside



Barefoot on grass,

Feels good huh?

Flicker rate

Induces trance state

Causing irate mood

When disturbed.

How can we be so

“Connected” |——-|

To something

That we never touch?

Is it the box that you love?

That portal

To the consumable


Running on crystals and snow,

Color bars,


And HBO.

Golden Tarot

Collective Mind Control

Taken with a Kodak Easyshare C613

It’s the late night

T.V. glow

Presenting you a cerebral show

That was not meant to be viewed

By 11 year old’s

But the ones who seen

Woke up from the dream

MTV used to expand minds

You know

Now things have changed

The time frame is the same

But the content rots the brain

Subtle and slow

It’s nothing more than a game

Trumping up fame

And things we have no need

To attain

The name of the game

Is collective mind control

Golden Tarot


I would also like to take this moment to say sorry

For the momentary absence

From Teh IntErWebz

But we are back now

And so happy are we to be!

You should be excited because

BOY do we have some incredible art in store for you!

We hope you enjoy!

Peace + Love!

Taken with a Kodak Easyshare C613



Pasted by hand



and control


of our souls

big man

wants to rule it all

they want mankind


no creativity

no thoughts


only carbon copies

and conformity


and control

we can’t let t go