Sound + Vision Sticker Set #2

Made by Golden Tarot

Set #2 of our promo stickers. Hopefully you see one stuck to a mailbox or some other strange inanimate object near you!

Really digging the use of “mini collages”. F.Y.I Appearently yellow highlighter comes up white when scanned.

Golden Tarot

Turning On

Painted with acrylics

Painted with acrylics

Seems a revolution is afoot….

Golden Tarot

John Loves Lucy

Pasted by hand, painted with acrylics


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Golden Tarot


Pasted by hand



and control


of our souls

big man

wants to rule it all

they want mankind


no creativity

no thoughts


only carbon copies

and conformity


and control

we can’t let t go


Made By Golden Tarot



A handmade collage

Golden Tarot


Beating is BAD

Collage by Golden Tarot


So much throughout my life

I’ve seen women beat, or had women talk to me about being beat

yet they stay with the men who perform this major injustice on their rights

they feel powerless

and afraid to do anything.



You do not have to take beatings

you have the power within you to change it

all it takes is courage

I know that some of you bear with it for your children’s sake

but think of this

when your children are older

how do you think it will have affected them

\watching the one person who TRULY loves them be assaulted



addicted to drugs

so that she can cope

crying every night

staring blankly into the void on the bedroom wall that only she can see.

It hurts them as well


it beats them

they feel tortured

and they will live with that torture

for the rest of their lives.

If not for you

then for the sake of your children

take action now.



Take Action. Spread Love

Golden Tarot

Spy Vs. Spirit

Collage by Golden Tarot

A hand-made collage that I spent around 40 hours of intense focused time making. This is my representation of our society today and everything that it brings with it. Use 3-D glasses to view if possible! Please help spread this image as I feel that is an important image to see, as if you look closely there is a road of information and spiritual growth to be followed. It is made up of old magazine clippings, newspaper clippings, and undeveloped film.


Golden Tarot