To start things off I would like to give a shout out

To a group off really cool guys who happen

To also make INCREDIBLE music. The type of music that

Will help usher in the change that we are all striving for

As well as pushing the boundaries of sound.

We love sound

They manifest under the moniker of “Something Fiction

But there is no fiction in the words they speak

Only lofty concepts of a reality bigger than us

Check the out here:

Something Fiction Soundcloud

as well as their awesome website



On another note, I would like to take this time

To address some changes to the site

Mostly just layout stuff, as well as a donate button

As a fan urged me to put, which surprised me heavily!

Donate or not, we will always be up and running

We also now have a youtube channel that will host our music and videos!

As well as an awesome and eclectic mix of FULL albums that we have added to our

Albums playlist by other artists!

The link to that is:

Sound+Vision Youtube Channel

And last but not least

We now have our VERY OWN Sound+Vision Facebook page!

So go like that for us IF YOU DARE!

Sound+Vision Facebook Page

We hope that you enjoy!


Signing Out!

Golden Tarot