Abstract Journal Art

Watercolor by Golden Tarot



I made this abstract painting after reading some watercolor painting tips on a watercolor website (which is HERE)

They had a very interesting idea to better your painting skills that I have fallen in love with

especially considering that I get results such as the above.

The exercise consists of writing in a daily journal to clear your head of clutter, after which you sit down with a pencil and fine point sharpie and begin making shapes of all kinds without though through a form of ataxia. Taking the sharpie you outline the shapes and try to notice pictures that have come out from within the automatic drawing and then begin taking your watercolors and painting to your hearts content. I like to paint just as furiously and subconsciously as I drew the shapes.

This is an extremely rewarding process and really helps sharpen your skills, I suggest everyone try it out, even if us for therapeutic reasons!

Golden Tarot


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