Group Streaming



  1. Relating to or making use of a form of tape transport, in which data may be transferred in bulk while the tape is in motion.
  2. (of data) Transmitted in a continuous stream while earlier parts are being used.
  3. Allowing information from within the collective unconscious to flow unfiltered, or sometimes abstractly filtered, through a human mind and body to become manifest within reality.
running – flowing
Painted during Group Streaming session.

Golden Tarot

Painted during Group Streaming session

Future Anonymous

Painted during Group Streaming session.

Solfeggio Bones

These paintings were manifested by Golden Tarot, Future Anonymous, and Solfeggio Bones respectively on Friday, July 19th during a Group Streaming session. The limitations imposed were that we must not think at all about what kind of paintings we wold do, nor the subject matter, nor an image. Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs was then played as the subconscious orchestra of the triad of conductors began. This is the culmination of 4 intense, almost vocally silent (partially) hours between three individuals at a moment and time in a location where they can be tightly bonded with the ether.

All of these pictures subsequently look like brand new images to a great degree when turned upside down, so tomorrow they will be presented in this view, highly contrasted. Stay tuned!

Golden Tarot


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