The Unknown Characters of Classic Video Games

Taken wi C613th a Kodak EasyShare

Ghost in The Cartridge Shell

Gotta love that stache’


In the pursuits of my many interests, strange things sometimes pop up. The discovery that video game circuit boards look like faces is by far one of the strangest…

Taken With a Kodak EasyShare C613


as well as one of the funniest…

More to come...

Golden Tarot



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    • Explain a little bit more please. Are you saying I should get people to make these for parties as goodies?


  2. I want donate this site, how can I do that?


    • Well I have never been offered any donations but considering you are offering I will add a Paypal Donation button to the top right corner of the screen. Check back soon and the button will be there. Thanks so much for your support!


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